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Silicone straw tip covers bulk packs for 6mm metal straws. Made from food grade silicone.

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Food Grade Silicone Tips Cover ,Fit for regular size: 6MM Diameter Stainless Steel Drinking Straws These are a great addon to our custom cups. These are Soft Silicone Tips. When we use stainless steel straws, you would be surprised at how you subconsciously bite on straws and it can hurt. So how to solve it? With silicone tips! You will find they can keep you from hitting your teeth or lips on the metal. Features: - Lip feel no hard, no hot and cold, silicone tips are comfortable and soft. - Easy to put on /off metal straws, easy to cleaning - BPA free, combine with silicone straws comfortable and bendable. - Unique sipping shape design that's good for sipping drinks. Features & details Metal Straw Silicone Tips/Covers, Only fit for 6mm metal straws, Please check before buy it. Food Grade Silicone Avoid metallic taste and more safer, some people like stainless steel straws but don’t like the metallic taste, The silicone tip cover makes it so your mouth doesn't have direct contact with the metal.